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The Swarm Missions, It Came From Deep Space & A to Z listings.

This is a thorough work in progress All Missions and requirements apart from many more Missions, including the Augment Missions are: Mission Rewards, BPs, Officer Shards, Faction Points and Other Rewards you can also now view as a webpage it provides a most comprehensive listing for all missions, is one of a kind, and a forerunner for any Mission List; as is the longest running. There is also an Alpha listing, color coded. Keeping to the 'story mode', and listing the highest rewards mostly to the top.

Last updated is on 21st of January, 2021!

Example of the Missions

Part of the Augment Space Missions; Click to view All

New Discovery Missions

Missions kick off our journey with Star Trek: Discovery. This contains core and side missions that will be sourced through the free Battle Pass. Includes:

  • Core Missions – Quantity: 10 missions, unlocked at the fourth Milestone of the Basic Battle Pass.
  • Side Missions – Quantity: 5 missions, unlocked at the sixteenth Milestone of the Basic Battle Pass.


New Outlaw Missions

Twenty new free missions will be now available through the Battle Pass. These continue the story of Harry Mudd teaming up with Khan and the Augments. Also, three new side mission chains will be available through premium packs in the store!

Introducing the New Epic Outlaw Armada targets which can be found in the Exchange systems Note – The Uncommon Outlaw Armada Spawn rates are now increased. via 'Patch 21'

Other Outlaw Missions

Introducing new Outlaw Missions that can be obtained through the Battle Pass. These missions continue the story of the Outlaws and Augments that stem from the previous Outlaws Loop. 20 new missions that can be found through the free Battle Pass track and 10 new missions found through the Elite Battle Pass track.

New Eclipse Armada Target(s) & Eclipse (new hostiles)

Featuring the new ship Stella & New Outlaw Armada targets are ready to attack, as Eclipse are scheming behind the scenes, threatening our galaxy!

Two Outlaw Armada Targets – Uncommon, Rare

  • Eclipse hostiles

via STFC Official Blog

The Outlaws

  • Relocation
  • Black Market Blood
  • Puppeteer
  • Data Structure Overhaul
  • Security Sweep
  • The Galileo Seven
  • Astronautics
  • Refactor
  • Tritanium Miner
  • Breakthrough
  • Stockpiling Dilithium
  • Making an Impression
  • Refining Plant
  • The Warp Trail Less Traveled
  • Guilty By Association
  • Inside Man
  • Cognition
  • Fatal Flaw
  • Fortification
  • Hush
  • We Are Smart
  • Farsight
  • Tainted Tritanium
  • Deneva
  • Scouring Space
  • Sentinels
  • Nari
  • Higher Plain
  • Triple Triad
  • Vaults
  • In Position

Then Progress to MISSION

  • Outlaws

Other Recent New Missions


The new mission chain, initiated in either Labac or Obilent, includes 3 paths, 1 for each faction: Federation, Klingon & Romulan. You can only complete one faction path, for example: if you do the Fed mission path, you cannot do the Rom mission path. As part of this choice, you will see 3 missions in level 18 Faction systems, which have prerequisites to accept them.
1: Peace in Our Time
2: Honor and Blood
3: To Serve the Empire

If you have completed a path, you will still see the others but cannot complete them.

New Borg Missions

  • Borg Mission Chain, not based on 'level'
  • Step 1 - Do the BFG events for Borg points (4,200 points each) - these collect points for Borg Reconnaissance event (lasts 24 days long)
  • Step 2 - Do these or other Borg events for days to reach tier 5 or higher in Borg Recon (t5 requires 48,000 Borg points)
  • Step 3 - Tier 5 of Borg Reconnaissance unlocks mission keys
  • Step 4 - Use these mission keys to obtain the mission chain from the gifts section. Do missions. First starts automatically.
  • Or buy them. Collect Borg Recon rewards for tickets. Start via gift section. First starts automatically.

Important Notes on the New Deep Space Missions!

The minimum operations level needed is 38, and as it is part of the main story line: here is the list of missions you need to complete in sequence, to reach the Dark Space! Mission:

  • Buying Silence
  • Distant Memories
  • Folding
  • Decipher
  • Warzones
  • Syndicated Science
  • Perpetual Motion
  • One Of Us
  • Home Worlds
  • City Middle
  • Ancestral Answer
  • Invaluable Asset
  • Power Up
  • The Primeval
  • Dark Space!

These new Missions are based around having a minimum level of 38 to unlock them. A Warp 56 Ship is required to reach the 4g mining nodes in Dark Space.
Note: You will need to be at a minimum of level 39 to refine 4g resources.

Seasonal Borg Event

The Borg Seasonal Arc Begins! see more at the STFC Blog Fleet Command’s first Seasonal Arc begins today [23 January,2020] and will continue over the next three months as the Borg conflict unfolds. Each month-long act of the Borg Arc will reveal new story, unleash challenging enemies, and deliver valuable rewards to earn. Your achievements each month will matter throughout the arc, so be sure to begin uncovering the secrets of the Borg today and return each month. Set out now to experience new Borg missions, unlock a powerful Borg Officer, and progress through the first Monthly Event.

Borg Arc
Month-long events will run throughout each act of the Borg Seasonal Arc. Each event will have a series of milestones unlocked by completing Borg missions and activities, and every milestone will award you a new pack of rewards such as resources, materials, Borg Officer shards, and new Borg missions. Commanders will be able to participate in the Borg Monthly events and can begin progressing right now. To begin the Borg Monthly Event, head to the Events Tab to learn how you can score points. Once you reach a milestone, you’ll receive a token which may be redeemed in the Event Store for rewards.

You’ll also receive a Borg Recon Premium Reward Token for each milestone. By purchasing the Premium Rewards Unlock Pack in the Store, you’ll unlock the ability to trade these in the Events Store for premium rewards at each milestone you reach. If you acquire the Premium Rewards Unlock Pack after you’ve already begun progressing through the event, you’ll still be able to redeem premium rewards for each milestone you’ve already completed.


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